The Benefits of Integrating LendPro’s Lending Service with Your POS System
The efficiency of integrated POS functionality can save retailers thousands of dollars in manpower while still maintaining a positive purchasing experience for customers.

The LendPro Application Waterfall Platform allows your customer to seamlessly apply for financing from multiple lenders, optimizing the credit available to your customer based on their credit profile. Our solution manages the flow of a customer’s application for credit through a series of lending options. This system provides multiple financing opportunities by applying to various lenders through a single process that is private, fast and easy.  The system’s ease of use and visual appeal enhances the customer experience during their application process.

We have integrated multiple clients’ Point of Sale (POS) Systems, streamlining the application and finance process even further. One of our customers, Miskelly Furniture, is a great example of POS integration. Miskelly implemented a robust POS system using the Loft system, and integrated the LendPro Waterfall Platform, maximizing ease of use and ensuring data integrity. As our CTO, Carl Schunk, explains: “Having the LendPro Waterfall Application Platform integrated with a Point of Sale System saves time and effort, as the system navigates the process flow seamlessly from start to finish.”

Retailers with multiple locations can leverage the efficiency of an integrated POS system to save thousands of dollars in manpower, while still maintaining a positive purchasing experience for their customers. Great service coupled with easy financing easily builds “love” for the retailer.

With this implementation, as with others, the flexible architecture allows two different user experiences: one initiated by the sales associate, and one driven by the customer:

  1. Opening the conversation at the POS:  The customer visits the store location, shops, and decides to finance their purchase. The sales associate searches for the customer’s name in system, or enters the customer information into the POS system. From there, the customer clicks on the LendPro icon on a tablet handed to them by the sales associate and applies for credit through the fast and easy application process. Once a customer is approved, the approval is stored in the retailer’s POS system. In a few minutes, the sales associate completes the sale and schedules delivery.

  2. Opening the conversation with financing:  The customer visits the store and is sitting on the sectional they’d like to finance. The sales associate hands the customer a tablet or similar device so they can apply for financing via the LendPro Waterfall Application. Once the customer receives financing approval, the data will be delivered to and stored in the POS system, ready to help the sales associate to complete the sale with fewer keystrokes and effort.

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