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Help your automotive business or service center increase the number of customers applying for financing.
“LendPro has been a great partner. The application is easy for the customer, and the response is very fast.”
— Sabrina Booth, Eurocare Missouri City

LendPro empowers automotive businesses and service centers to increase the overall number of people applying for financing — and achieve a much higher rate of approval for these applicants.

People can’t always choose when to replace their tires or brakes — and never choose when their muffler will need replacement.

With the LendPro system, automotive repair suppliers can meet customers’ needs when they happen and help get them back on the road and on with their lives.

Automotive repair retailers that use LendPro see, on average, a 7% increase in applicants to their prime lenders.

They also often see a significant jump — typically a 10% to 20% increase — in the number of approvals from their alternative lenders.

10-20% increase in the number of approvals

As a result, automotive repair retailers that use LendPro see an increase in revenues, often up to 10%.

By partnering with industry-leading lenders covering virtually all credit profiles, including no-credit-needed lending, LendPro’s system can achieve a very high applicant approval rate for virtually all of your customers who want or need financing.

The LendPro system is:

  • Easy, offering a user-friendly interface
  • Efficient, approving applicants in minutes
  • Comprehensive, offering multiple lenders and addressing all credit scores in a single platform
  • Flexible, allowing applicants to apply on any device
  • Secure, providing privacy to your customers

If your business currently offers only one lender, the LendPro system can increase the number of applicant approvals by 60% and double the purchasing power of your customers. The LendPro multiple-lender platform, with one simple application process, will take your business to the next level.

Learn more about how the LendPro Consumer Financing System can transform your business.

“The LendPro platform has brought us a lot of business, and we’ve saved a tremendous amount of time not having to apply to each lender separately.”
— Brian Goldstein, General Manager, Eurocare Missouri City
Boost your business and improve your customer financing process.