Why LendPro?
The fastest, easiest, and most powerful way to offer consumer financing

Put the financing power of multiple lenders in the hands of your customers.

LendPro’s online application enables consumers to apply for financing from multiple lenders on an easy, private, and secure platform.

As a retailer, merchant, or health-care practice, the LendPro system will help your business process more applicants, obtain more approvals, and achieve more sales.

35% increase in the number of applicants

Across industries, businesses that use LendPro for consumer financing see, on average:

  • 35% increase in the number of applicants, and
  • 30% increase in the overall number of approved applicants.

Explore the features of the comprehensive LendPro Consumer Financing System and how it can transform your business.


LendPro’s Consumer Financing System:

  • makes offering financing easier for retailers, merchants, and health-care practices;
  • makes applying for financing easier for consumers and patients; and
  • gives customers and patients more financing options.

With its user-friendly interface, your staff, customers, and patients can use LendPro immediately. The software’s intuitive design requires only minimal training of sales staff.  


The LendPro software is platform independent and works on any device, including:

  • LendPro’s line of kiosks,
  • tablets,
  • all standard point-of-sale devices,
  • touch-screen computers, and
  • customers’ own smartphones or tablets.

Use LendPro on any device or computer in your stores or offices.


In addition to the consumer finance waterfall, LendPro software also provides you, the business owner, with a real-time dashboard of all financing activity.

Reports will include lender performance separated by location and summarized by region or other retail grouping, along with data on all stores or offices.

Leverage the reporting features to export applicants’ data into a customer relationship management or point-of-sale system.


LendPro brings a powerful network of lenders to its system and can tailor them to meet your business’s needs. We give businesses the ability to offer the best in consumer financing through our broad array of lending partners.

We also aim for a strong relationship with you: Our customer service team gets to know you and your business needs to offer customized and expedient support.


The LendPro system is fully secure in accordance with industry standards. Customer data is protected, and your customers can use the system with confidence, trusting that their information is protected and will not be sold for other uses.

All accepted data is encrypted before transmission to lenders, and all data is stored in LendPro’s SOC-2 protected data center.


Retailers that use the LendPro Consumer Financing System see an increase in revenues, often up to 10%.

LendPro has partnered with industry-leading consumer finance companies that cover the entire spectrum of consumer credit profiles: prime, near-prime, and sub-prime, including no-credit-needed offerings.

10% increase in revenues

After deploying the LendPro system, even retailers who already have a full portfolio of lenders see their financing increase because of the system’s frictionless process.


Upon request, we can integrate the LendPro system with your point-of-sale or back-office system. Ask about our integration services.

Calculate your ROI using the LendPro system.