Exciting New Concept for Consumer Financing Launches at Las Vegas Market
LendPro creates the Financing Headquarters at the market

LendPro, the leading consumer finance platform for big-ticket retailers, today announced that it is introducing at the Summer 2016 Las Vegas Market a new and exciting concept for home furnishings retailers: a Financing Headquarters.

Never before done, LendPro will host the Financing Headquarters to provide a single place at Market for retailers to learn about and gain additional knowledge of consumer financing. In the Financing Headquarters, located at World Market Center in Building C on the third floor lobby, LendPro and several of its industry-leading lender partners will host demonstrations and present mini-seminars on important consumer financing topics. In addition, marketplace data, consumer financing options, and industry best practices will be discussed.

LendPro has deep knowledge and experience in retail consumer finance, having worked for years with many of the most widely known and innovative home furnishings retailers and being partnered with many industry-leading lenders covering all consumer credit tiers. LendPro’s innovative lending platform, known as the Consumer Financing System, is integrated with these lender partners and has processed millions of consumer finance applications. This has led to a wealth of knowledge regarding best practices in implementing consumer finance processes and programs in the home furnishings industry. The platform has been installed in over 750 retail stores across the country, including many on Furniture Today’s Top 100 and Beyond the Top 100 lists.

“While some lenders are available to discuss their specific programs in individual booths at Market, never before have retailers been able to go to one place at Market to get all the knowledge they need about consumer financing, including best practices and innovative ideas from a cross-section of industry experts,” said David Weyher, president and chief executive officer of LendPro.