LendPro Announces Realignment of Senior Executive Team
Positioning the company for continued growth

LendPro announced today that its Board of Directors has made a number of changes over the past two months to augment and realign its senior executive team, and to fully position the company for continued growth.

Harry Hopper, Vice Chairman of the LendPro Board of Directors, said that these changes are "designed to put in place a larger pool of senior expertise, better align the executive team against market opportunities, and ensure that recent growth trajectory continues well into the future."

Fred Knops, who has served as Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the firm for the past 18 months, has assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Fred brings 24 years of expertise at the intersection of financial services, information technology, and cyber-security. Mr. Hopper offered that Mr. Knops "is particularly adept at turning small technology businesses into larger ones. We’re thrilled that Fred has agreed to take on this expanded role and focus his extensive talents on leading the LendPro enterprise through its next series of strategic opportunities." Mr. Knops stated that "during my time at LendPro I have come to appreciate what a great team we have. I’m really pleased and humbled to be asked to take on the larger role."

David Weyher, the founder of LendPro and formerly CEO, will formally move into the position of Chairman of the Board. The company will continue to be Dave’s focus of attention, and he will continue to be active in its sales and marketing activities. "This is the right time to make this change," said Mr. Weyher, "and it will give me the chance to focus on what I love, actively engaging with our current and future customers." Mr. Hopper added that "David’s marketing acumen is extraordinary, and these changes will free him to focus on the firm’s growth, unfettered by day-to-day management of LendPro’s activities."

In addition, Mr. Derek Smith has joined LendPro as its first Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Mr. Smith brings almost three decades of experience in consumer financing, including serving as a senior executive in Capital One’s consumer lending business. Mr. Hopper stated that "Mr. Smith’s years of financial services expertise, and industry-leading knowledge of the application of data analytics in this space, will help the firm create its next generation of products and services, manage risks, and allow us to serve a growing range of customers."