Why Offer Financing?

More Customers

Nearly 100 million Americans have less-than-prime credit scores.

  • 77% of consumers say financing influences where they shop,
  • but only 49% of consumers are aware that financing is available in store.

77% of consumers say financing influences where they shop

  • 68% of shoppers who desire financing research it online.

By letting your customers know that you can finance all credit profiles, you’ll continue to attract more and more people to your business.

With the LendPro system, your customers can be pre-qualified for financing at home, encouraging them to make the move from their home to your location with the confidence that they have the purchasing power to shop successfully.

Reach your customers where they are, at home and online, to bring them into your store.

More Applications

After using LendPro, some industry-leading retailers saw a 62% increase in financing applications. By using the LendPro system, your customers who want or need financing don’t have to face the embarrassment of being turned down by lenders or the hassle of filling out multiple paper applications.

62% increase in financing applications

Relieve your staff from the time-consuming burden of financing paperwork. LendPro’s application frees up your salespeople to do what they do best: sell!

More Approvals

LendPro can achieve an 80% or higher approval rate for your customers and patients seeking financing. LendPro’s multiple-lender process means that even applicants with poor credit have access to additional lenders within the streamlined application.

Offering a secondary lender on the LendPro platform ahead of no-credit-needed financing can result in can result in a 60% higher approval rate and a $400 higher average ticket.

$400 higher average sales

More Sales

With more customer, more applications, and more approvals, your business could see a significant increase in sales. In addition, data shows that a financed sale is a larger sale. Sales tickets are usually 25% to 33% higher when financed.

25-35% higher sales tickets for financed sales

With LendPro’s easy, convenient, and modern solution for consumer financing, your business will:

  • Achieve a higher number of customers approved for financing
  • See a higher average ticket and more sales
  • Allow your staff to make sales instead of process financing paperwork
  • Become a more appealing place to shop or get service
  • Increase your sales process and efficiency

Empower your business with LendPro’s Consumer Financing System: Get started today.